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Call for Applications: Master "International Relations Online"

News vom 24.09.2014



the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin again offers a broad range of Stand-alone modules from our M.A. program International Relations Online. These allow students and professionals to develop research skills and in-depth knowledge in an area of particular interest to them. Be it to simply broaden your horizon, to progress at work or to change your career path.


The Masters level modules are a great opportunity to combine work and study. You can study the modules during a limited period of time and use the credits achieved to count towards a recognised award. Just choose the ones that suit your professional and educational needs.

Here´s a list of modules we offer:

  • Global Flows: Information and communication technologies-powered Governance Modes
  • Patterns of Governance: The European Model
  • Global Flows: Migration
  • Russia: Eternal Enigmas
  • Eastern Europe: A Dissolving Concept?
  • Coping with Global Risks and Uncertainties
  • Narratives and the Cultural Factor in Global Politics

The modules begin on October 13th 2014, or January 5th 2015.

Your benefits:

  • Join our modules online from around the world.
  • Use blended learning methods to build your expertise.
  • Network with dedicated professionals in the field.
  • Stay on the job while pursuing your education.

For more information, please click here: www.ir-online.org/about_us/modules-standalone/index.html  

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