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International Relations & Global Politics


Dozent/inProf. Dr. Klaus Segbers
SemesterSommersemester 2018
RaumGarystr. 55 Hörsaal A

Di. 10:00 - 12:00 

More and more, events and trends on the inter- and transnational stages are confusing. As one by now famous populist never tired of asking: “What is going on?”


This seminar aims to illuminate the emerging global landscapes by introducing students to the main concepts, theories and issues of IR and global politics. Regarding concepts and theories, diverse and competing assumptions and interpretations like positivism, constructivism, realism, institutionalism, liberalism, and others will be presented, debated, and applied. The participants will be organized in permanent working groups, each focusing on one of six regional problems and conflicts, like in China, Eastern Europe/Russia, MENA, the USA and the EU. A clear focus will be put on non-state-centred concepts like flows, networks, global cities etc. – and the consequences of non-polarity. In addition, topics such as security, culture, and populism will inform sections of the course.


This lecture uses the E-learning platform Blackboard. Please register under: http://lms.fu-berlin.de. The password will be given during the first lecture. Additionally, please also register under Link

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