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Invisible Batallion (2017) by Iryna Tsilyk, Svitlana Lischynska and Alina Gorlova


Invisible Bataillon

Invisible Bataillon

Invisible Battalion consists of six stories of servicewomen told by three Ukrainian film directors: Iryna Tsilyk, Svitlana Lischynska, and Alina Gorlova. The film protagonists are different by their life experience, age, military, and civil professions, but all of them were united by this war, and their stories create a panoramic picture of the woman’s status in the Armed Forces. Maria Berlinska, the film producer, speaks about the project goal, “First, to document the history that’s happening here and now, to show how women fight. Second, to break down this wall for women. This cannot be about either gender or eye color, only education, only professionalism, and skill. Films are a good instrument that can be used to explain these things to society. And, finally, the third goal, which is very important for me. We are losing the informational war in the world. With this documentary, we want to show that it’s not a civil conflict that we have here, it’s Russian occupation, for the fourth year in a row. The world will see in our film how our women die and get injured, how they fight and win the battles with the Russian army. And we do not need their deep concerns, we need real support.”

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