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Ewa Kumelowski


Osteuropa-Institut FU Berlin

Geschichte Ost- und Ostmitteleuropas


Garystrasse 55
14195 Berlin

Ewa Anna Kumelowski is a historian of 20th Century Yugoslav cultural history with a special interest in the overlap between conflict and culture. She has received a joint BA in political science from the Freie Univeristät Berlin and Sciences Po Paris, after which she completed her MA in history at the Doctoral School of Sciences Po Paris in 2018. She completed her PhD at the Chair of Southeastern History at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and the CETOBaC at the EHESS in Paris in 2022, through which she discussed the history of narrative production within the visual arts scene of besieged Sarajevo. Her research interests focus on expressions of everyday experiences in war, particularly amongst marginalized or otherwise overlooked populations, as well as the study of a common Yugoslav cultural sphere and manifestations of transnational cultural transfers in the South-Eastern European sphere. Her current research is based on a microhistorical approach towards womens' involvement within the Yugoslav Partisan medical services, through which she addresses divergences between discourse and lived experiences of women doctors, nurses, and sanitary staff in the Partisan ranks.

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