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Lecture "Economic History of Russia and Eurasia"

News from Oct 15, 2019

Winter Term 2019/20 

Economic History of Russia & Eurasia 

This is a course on the economic history of Russia and Eurasia. The first part of the course will focus on the economic system of the Russian Empire. The second part of the course will concentrate in the analytical and structural determinants of communist economic organization with reference to the Soviet Union. The third part of the course will deal with the political economics of post-Soviet transition. Seminars will cover both rigorous economic concepts and historical debates. Lectures will offer training in formal methods in economic history. Students are expected to become conversant with the analytical tools and theoretical discussions presented in the literature. Slides, which have been graciously provided by Gérard Roland, will be used to facilitate the learning process. 

Seminar: Mondays, 12-14, held by Theocharis Grigoriadis

Lecture:Tuesdays, 12-14, held by Junbing Zhu 

Venue: Garystr. 55, OEI, Hörsaal A

Full Syllabus

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