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Dr. Clark Banach

Clark Banach is an interdisciplinary public policy researcher with private sector experience in finance and consulting. He is the recipient of a graduate fellowship funded by the DFG Excellence Initiative. His unconventional academic career provides a unique foundation for exploring the institutional forces that shape our behavior as well as the variation of its attributes. His PhD project investigates persistent socioeconomic effects of military occupation and subsequent withdrawal. Contemporary data, in the context of Cold War records, is used to explore variation in German regions that were heavily occupied by foriegn forces. Areas of analysis include, economic development, trade, public choice and public health.


Graduate Exchange, UNC Chapel Hill, 2019 
MA in International EconomicsHochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, 2018
MBA in International Business, Canisius College (Wehle School of Business), 2010
BA in Economics, Canisius College, 2004

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