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Course of Studies

The first year of study will be undertaken at the University of Belgrade, followed by the second year at Freie Universität Berlin.

Exemplary course schedule



1. FS

Mathematics and Modelling


Applied Microeconomics

5 LP

Intermediate Public Finance

5 LP

Topics in Economics or Growth Theory and Economic Policy

6 LP

Intermediate Econometrics

5 LP


6 LP

2. FS

Policy Analysis and Impact Evaluation


Machine Learning and Data Mining


Intermediate Macroeconomics

6 LP

Applied Macro-Finance

6 LP

Professional development: Internship and LanguageCourse

5 LP

3. FS

Economies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia

10 LP

Selected Topics in Economics

12 LP

Selected Topics in East European Studies

8 LP



Comparative Economics

10 LP

Research and Writing

5 LP

Master’s Thesis

15 LP

Please note that the format of examination in the modules may be different. A module does not have to be completed in one semester. The courses belonging to a module can be completed in different semesters. Improvements in grades are generally not possible. Only failed examinations can be repeated.

Campus management

Since the winter semester of 2004/05, all students in bachelor's or master's programs have to register individually online for modules, courses or examinations at certain deadlines. Every registration is binding and can only be withdrawn during the registration period.

The deadline for registering for modules and examinations begins on the first Monday of the semester and ends on the third friday after the start of the lecture period. The registration phase for the current semester and further information can be found on the Campus Management website.

If you have not registered by the deadline for urgent reasons, please contact the study office of the Department of Politics and Social Sciences. Here you can also find help with other problems (such as deregistration, rebooking) in Campus Management.

Please note! Registering in CM only works for all regular events at the FU in your course of study and semester. You must receive recognition for events in other modules, other universities, etc. Please see “Recognitions” (see above) for further information.

Performance overview

You can print out an overview of your grades in CM  - in many cases (especially FU internally) this is sufficient. If you need a confirmed version, you can request this by email from the examination office.

Good scientific practice

Students must maintain academic and ethical standards. Please note the statutes for ensuring good scientific practice.

Plagiarizing is not a trivial offense but is punished severely. In the worst case, there is a risk of exmatriculation. Don't take any risks, but familiarize yourself with the rules right from the start of your studies.

The university library offers various learning opportunities to improve your ability to study.

Student advice
Master coordinator Sabine Pag is available to answer any questions or problems relating to your studies. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of the advisory service!