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Days of Ukraine in Berlin and Brandenburg

Fostering German-Ukrainian Academic Cooperation and Building a Stronger Europe Together

Marking the 30th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine and the 70th Anniversary of the Institute for Eastern European Studies at Freie Universität Berlin

Days of Ukraine in Berlin and Brandenburg (16-17 September 2021) are organized by the FU Berlin and chaired by Prof. Theocharis Grigoriadis, Institute for East European Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, in cooperation with the German-Ukrainian Academic Society and is supported by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Find out more about DAAD GoEast Program here.

This scientific networking conference offers for the first time an excellent exchange platform for German-Ukrainian cooperation in higher education, science, and research in Berlin and Brandenburg. In this way, academic networks of Higher Education Institutions and research institutes in and beyond the region with academic organizations in Ukraine will be expanded and potential synergies will be explored. The conference will include a wide range of cooperation highlights based on successful bilateral projects as well as a session dedicated to Ukrainian studies research in the region. Furthermore, a comprehensive range of information on relevant funding opportunities from both German and EU funding agencies will provide valuable information to support funding applications for new German-Ukrainian projects. Thus, this event will foster German-Ukrainian academic exchange and cooperation. In addition, the printed and digital info-brochure is available on the conference website after the event to inform a wider circle of researchers and serve as a valuable information resource in the future.