Neue Publikation von Theocharis Grigoriadis: "Proxy Wars & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

News vom 30.11.2019

Neue Publikation von Theocharis Grigoriadis ist in Defence and Peace Economics veröffentlicht worden. Volltext ist im FU-Netz verfügbar.

Proxy Wars & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Abstract:

In this paper, we analyze the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by proposing a proxy war model, where conflict lasts longer, but it is less costly than direct military confrontation. In proxy wars, Nash equilibria are realizable, but not always sustainable in the long-run. The consolidation level of the double principal–agent relationship predicts the continuation of conflict and thus the emergence of peace. As our model suggests, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is likely to remain irresolvable, as long as the Palestinians do not have a principal that is willing to provide continuous and positive levels of conflict involvement.


Anfang dieses Jahres erschien eine Kolumne von Prof. Grogoriadis zu Stellvertreterkriegen am Beispiel der Konflikte in der Ukraine und Syrien.

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