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In search for a new paradigm: German-Russian Relations in the light of the Ukrainian crises

This one-year project been conducted by the University of St. Petersburg, Faculty of International Relations, and Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for East European Studies and has been funded by the SPbU-FUB Joint Seed Money Funding Scheme. The timeframe for funding of the project has been from February 2015 to December 2015. Two workshops have been organized, one in June 2015 in St. Petersburg and one within another workshop at Freie Universität Berlin, organized in October 2015. The aim of the joint undertaking was to review and analyze the current state of the German-Russian relations in the light of the military conflict and crises in Eastern Ukraine. The initial spark of the project was that the German politicians and the public were and still are highly split on the issue on how to react to the foreign policy behavior of Russia in 2014 (and onwards) towards Ukraine. While the focus of the project within the first month has been on German-Russian relations, it has shifted towards the European level and the “Western”-Russian relations after a first kick-off meeting in St. Petersburg – taking into account the multi-faceted dimensions of the crises. Project participants were highly split on many issues and topics related to the crises. This is encapsulated within the CGP working paper “The Ukrainian crisis and its implications for Western-Russian relations Contrasting views on the reasons for the confrontation” (see: http://www.global-politics.org/working-papers/cgp-working- paper-03- 2016/index.html).

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