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Roundtable on Populism

News vom 13.11.2017

On Thursday, 9th of November, Prof. Segbers has chaired a roundtable event at the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) Annual Convention 2017, taking place in Chicago. Among him, Prof. Irina Busygina and Cosima Glahn have participated and discussed current developments concerning "Populism in Eastern Europe". Unfortunately, Prof. Andrey Makarychev and Dr. Daniel Hegedüs have not been able to attend the roundtable due to flight cancellations. However, roundtable participants and the audience have managed to engage in a lively debate, discussing among others the current support for populist actors in Europe in general and Eastern Europe in particular as well as the manifold reasons for this rather recent increase. Interestingly, although the event had the goal to mainly focus on Eastern Europe, audience members have frequently referred to a comparison of the US case.  

The CGP team and the roundtable participants are grateful to the University Consortium for the financial support for this session. 

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