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Autumn School in Tartu: Call for Applications

University of Tartu, University of Helsinki and Free University Berlin jointly organize an autumn school on the European Neighborrhood policy. It will mix up interdisciplinary perspectives. We call for applications. Deadline: 1 june.

News vom 23.05.2016

The autumn school aims to provide in-depth and specific understanding of the European neighbourhood policy (ENP) and of the Union’s “ever widening nature” from different multidisciplinary perspectives, combining political, social, historical and cultural vantage points. The discussion on the ENP – with a specific focus on its Eastern component – will be critically conducted in the light of the experience of the recent EU enlargements (capitalizing from the successful experience of the Baltic states), in an attempt to frame the competing and alternative perspectives and interests of both the accessing countries and the pre-2004 Member states.

We look forward to your applications. Deadline: 1 june 2016. Read the whole Call for Application here.

Contact: Cosima Glahn (cosima.glahn@fu-berlin.de)

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