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Sanctions in Eurasia: Causes, Effects and Expectations (in Englisch)


Dozent/inDr. Alexander Libman
SemesterWintersemester 16/17
RaumGarystr. 55 Seminarraum 302a

Do 10:00-12:00

After 2014, economic sanctions became one of the most discussed topics regarding the relations between Russia and Western countries. The goal of the seminar is to provide a systematic theory- and evidence-based analysis of how economic sanctions have been used in Eurasia (in particular by Russia and against Russia), which factors determined the choice of the sanction instruments and what the outcomes of the sanctions typically were. We start by looking into the theory of economic sanctions: the motives countries have to use economic coercion, the effectiveness of sanctions as tools of foreign policy and of democracy promotion and the distinction between general and smart sanctions. Our focus will be in particular on the rational choice approaches, though other perspectives on sanctions research will also be addressed. Then we briefly look at the historical experience with sanctions against the USSR in the interwar period and during the Cold War. We proceed by examining how Russia used its economic statecraft against other countries in Eurasia: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia. Last but not least, we debate the contemporary EU and US sanctions against Russia, the Russian counter-sanctions, as well as the Russian sanctions against Turkey.

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