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City Regions and Megacities - New Actors in Global Politics


Dozent/inProf. Dr. Klaus Segbers
SemesterSommersemester 2017
RaumGarystr. 55, Hörsaal A

Di. 16:00 - 18:00

After the end of the bipolarized East-West conflict (1989), new actors have emerged, and additional levels of action and analysis can be observed. Both trends often evade traditional conceptualizations in political science and IR theory. One such level that enjoys increasing importance is that of large cities and global city regions. The present and growing literature on “megacities” offers a broad basis for critical discussion in this seminar.


Problems of general order and governance, an overview of the growing autonomy of city regions in the national context, and the role of city regions in global politics will constitute the main focal points of the course. In this context, regions such as Bombay/Mumbai, Johannesburg, Shanghai, and Sao Paolo will be scrutinized. Issues like internal governance, (in)security, social cohesion, cities as nodes of global flows, culture and its role in branding, education, and the concept of “smart cities” will be presented and discussed. 


This lecture uses the E-learning platform Blackboard. Please register under: http://lms.fu-berlin.de . The password will be given during the first lecture. Additionally, please also register under here.

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