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Authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, Europe, Eurasia and Beyond

The seminar aims to discuss the development of authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe and Eurasia in a comparative perspective. The seminar starts with discussing the characteristic features of authoritarian regimes and their evolution. It proceeds with a short historical overview of Communist authoritarian regimes and their specificity, possibly triggering historical legacies for the contemporary development of Eurasian and Eastern European countries. It then reviews three key examples of post-Communist authoritarianism (in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) and attempts to investigate whether there exists what we could refer to as a “common type” of post-Communist authoritarian regimes. We conclude with offering two comparative cases: between post-Communist authoritarian regimes and authoritarianism in China and Vietnam, and between post-Communist regimes and authoritarianism in Latin America of the Cold War era (primarily Mexico and Brazil).

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