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Poland and Jews. Jewish / non-Jewish relations in post-1989 Poland in a historical perspective (Kernkurs)


TypSeminar – 2 SWS
Dozent/inMagdalena Waligorska
RaumGarystr. 55, 105 (Seminarraum)

Dienstag 14.00-16.00 Uhr

The seminar addresses the most important issues of the Jewish/non-Jewish dialogue in the contemporary Poland, providing at the same time an overview of the central events of Jewish history in Poland. Giving an introduction to the most heated debates on the Jewish past and present in Poland, such as, for example, the massive nation-wide discussion following the publication of J. T. Gross? Neighbours: an account of the infamous 1941 pogrom on Jews staged by their Polish neighbours in the village of Jedwabne, the seminar provides also historical reference points to the contemporary controversies. The course deals not only with the key issues of Jewish/non-Jewish dialogue, but also presents a survey of the most important representations of Jews in the Polish popular culture after 1989 and their historical roots.

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