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September 2014

Within the framework of the "International Network University" concept, the Center for International Cooperation of Freie Universität Berlin facilitates a "Workshop to Develop Chair Collaboration" with St. Petersburg State University.

The workshop will take place Friday, 26th September 2014, at the Institute for East European Studies.

June 2014

Prof. Dr. Asteris Pliakos, Athens University of Economics and Business

I. The Economic Governance of the EU and the principle of democracy
      Ort:   Dienstag, 24, Juni 2014, 10-12 Uhr
      Zeit:  Raum 21/E, Ihnestraße 21, 14195 Berlin

II. The EU governance and the rule of law. The Battle over Judicial Supremacy in EU law
       Ort:  Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014, 10-12 Uhr
       Zeit: Raum103, Garystraße 21, 14195 Berlin

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