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PhD Danila Valko

Danila Valko, PhD


Garystr. 55
14195 Berlin

Danila Valko is an independent researcher who obtained his doctoral degree in economics (2014) from the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences. His actual research focuses on the social and behavioral aspects of sustainable development and green transformation in emerging environmental cultures.

Following the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Danila played an active role in the establishment of The Hannah Arendt Research Center (https://tharesearch.center/en). This independent research organization is dedicated to investigating the dark times in Russia while advocating for sustainable peace, human rights, solidarity, and responsibility in Russia and post-Soviet countries. With his extensive expertise as a quantitative researcher, he applies digital methods to explore heterogeneous and unstructured data sources pertaining to the roots of Russian autocracy, civil society, and social transformation during this period.

Recent publications: