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Institute for East European Studies - Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Katharina Bluhm

Prof. Dr. Katharina Bluhm
Image Credit: Michael Fahrig

"The mysterious continent beyond the Elbe"," In the wild East", "The hidden Europe", "Ukraine - the country without a face", "Unknown Poland", "The mystical Caucasus", "Europe's wild East", "The foreign Balkans", "Unknown Slovenia", "On the Fringes of Europe", "Through the wild Caucasus", "Russia is different", "Hungary: strangely foreign", "Romania - terra incognita", "Belarus - the unknown heart of Europe",...

By offering interested students a multifaceted approach to the societies and dynamics of Eastern Europe, the Department of Sociology wants to confront the stereotypes which depict this fascinating region as being unknown, foreign and sometimes even wild.

Our research and courses focus on two primary topics: capitalism in post-socialist Europe as well as identity and social movements.

With regard to capitalism in post-socialist Europe, the department's activities are primarily focused on the following subject matter: inequality and discrimination, the social welfare state, gender, entrepreneurship and economic elites, "organized crime", the workers' movement, migration processes, as well as the effects of the EU's eastern expansion.

Within the range of topics associated with identity and social movements, the department is primarily concerned with minorities, nationalism, religious movements, youth politics, as well as research on stereotypes and prejudice.

The department's regional focus is comprised of the successor states of the Soviet Union, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, although comparative perspectives are also embraced.


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