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Our Chair for the Sociology of Eastern Europe offers classes on topics such as economic sociology, gender, political violence, nationalism, religion, civil society, social movements. Since 2017 most of our classes are taught in English.


Regular seminars include (for descriptions please use the links):

 Winter semester

Summer semester

Credits and ECTS

For the Osteuropa-Institut classes, Erasmus students receive 3 ECTS for continuous and active participation (that includes for example contributions to discussions, short essays or presentations and the like) or 7 ECTS if they additionally submit a successful exam (e.g. longer paper or written exam). Thus the ECTS are not connected to the class in question, but to your performance.

Further and more general information for exchange and erasmus students can be found here

Recognition of Courses

Classes of the sociology department at the OEI are accessible via Campus Management; however, you can of course attend also other classes, even if they do not show up in your Campus Management folder, e.g. classes at the Institute of Sociology or at one of the other departments of the Institute for East European Studies. This means that you add them manually, by completing with your lecturers the forms below, as detailed in the following procedure. Please contact the module coordinator mihai.varga@fu-berlin.de for advice on course recognition already while planning your semester at the Freie University.

The following forms are required for course recognition:

Recognition Procedure
  1. The Modulschein certifies your regular attendance and active participation. Please fill in your personal details and tick Kern-/Hauptfach. Send the Modulschein to your lecturer, who will sign it and send it back to you.
  2. The Anrechnungsbescheinigung is needed for the recognition of the course in which you have regularly and actively participated for the module in sociology of your study. Please complete the top block (Auszufüllen durch Studierende/n!) of the Anrechnungsschein and send both forms, signed Modulschein and the Anrechnungsbescheinigung, to the module coordinator, mihai.varga@fu-berlin.de. If everything is correct, Mihai will sign the Anrechnungsschein and send it back to you.
  3. The last step is to send both signed forms to the examination office (by the time you finish your studies and are ready to register your MA thesis): Prüfungsbüro PolSoz - Master Osteuropastudien ma-oei@polsoz.fu-berlin.de

Recognition of Internship

Students need to submit the following three documents certifying their Internship as part of the MA program: filled in internship form, a statement from the institution that hosted the internship, confirming the total length of the internship being (at least) 280 hours, as well as an internship report from you  (a couple of pages). All three documents need to be submitted to mihai.varga@fu-berlin.de.