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One of our research projects ENDURE seeks a postdoc researcher in Brazil

News from Jun 28, 2023

The ENDURE project examines Covid-19 long and short-term consequences. It proposes a holistic vision for the study of the Covid-19 crisis, in which we analyze new forms of (de)mobilization of societies and political systems and as the entry into a new era of change.

The postdoctoral researcher’s responsibilities are:

  1. Manage the activities developed by the Brazilian research team (required to be fluent in English and Brazilian Portuguese);
  2. Coordinate Brazilian and international teams;
  3. Actively participate in all the project’s clusters, being the Brazilian teams’ support and organizer;
  4. Support the project’s website and social media;
  5. Publish papers related to the project;
  6. Participate in all project’s scientific events organized;
  7. Edit scientific journals’ special issues that are related to the project;
  8. Be responsible for supporting the Brazilian team in developing reports, papers, and scientific disclosure materials that must be delivered in the project;
  9. Teach at the Department of Science and Technology Policy at Unicamp;


The grant starts on August, 1st 2023.

More information about the project: https://endure-project.org/

Apply before July, 7th 2023

To apply, send letter of interest, CV and transcripts to leda@unicamp.br with the subject Inscrição – Endure.

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