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The research of the Chair focuses on the functioning of authoritarian regimes, their power logics, factors of (in)stability, as well as patterns of domestic and foreign policy. We study among other topics the subnational variation in the politics of authoritarian regimes, international dimension of authoritarian rule (in particular cooperation of authoritarian regimes and autocracy diffusion), as well as historical legacies and development of authoritarianism. The geographic focus of the Chair is on Russia and other authoritarian states of the post-Soviet Eurasia, which are studied from the comparative perspective.

The methodological focus of the Chair is in the area of quantitative research. We use both regional datasets and other data sources like survey data, lab and field experiments and firm-level data. Our quantitative studies are augmented by individual qualitative and mixed methods projects.

Current research projects of the Chair include in particular

Understanding Eurasian Regionalism – Actorness and Interaction in Economy and Society (funded by the DFG, jointly with Andrea Gawrich): https://gepris.dfg.de/gepris/projekt/444058835?language=en

Reinterpreting the Alternative Script? War in Ukraine, State-Sponsored Narratives of Block Building in Authoritarian Countries and their Public Perception (funded by the Cluster of Excellence SCRIPTS, jointly with Genia Kostka): https://www.scripts-berlin.eu/research/research-projects/General-Research-Projects/Reinterpreting-the-alternative-script/index.html