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Borders, People, Institutions: New Practices in the Baltic Sea Region

Focusing on the role of borders and cross-country interactions in the Baltic States, this project has been funded from 2014 to mid-2016. Various forms of “borders” – not only in the traditional sense of state borders - are analyzed, like ideological ones, identity constructed borders, economic ones etc. In addition, a special focus has been given on regionalization and identity construction in the wider region of north Eastern Europe plus Russia.

Among the main outcomes are:

Academic conferences: “Business as usual? Governing the Baltic Sea Region in times of changing security needs” (co-organized with the University of Tartu, May 2015) and “Regions, Boundaries, and Russia – EU Disconnections”, Free University Berlin, October 2015

Teaching mobility: in the fall semester of 2015 Kristina Piilik and Inna Melnykovska taught guest lectures at the University of Tartu

Publications: project participants contributed to an edited volume titled

“Borders in the Baltic Sea Region: Suturing the Ruptures”, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.