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Ukraine between its legacies and globalization: coping with the prospect of failing (in English)


RoomGarystraße 55 Hörsaal A

Do. 16-18

Ukraine has become a focal point for European politics and conflicts over the last two years. This seminar will address Ukraine from three sides.First, the current challenges and problems will be embedded in the broader horizon of Soviet legacies. Second, the current problems will be analyzed against the question of viability of Ukraine as a state. While all countries globally have experienced a loss of sovereignty facing the power of global flows, some are suffering also from additional attributes of failing states. Finally, the question of the external orientation of Ukraine will be addressed.

This lecture uses the E-learning platform Blackboard. Please register under: http://lms.fu-berlin.de . The password will be given during the first lecture.


Additionally, please also register under http://www.oei.fu-berlin.de/politik/anmeldungsformular/index.html