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"Focus Eastern Europe. Short Guide to Sources, Services and Research Materials": Webinar



News from Jul 02, 2023

July 10, 2023

10.00 am – 11.00 am

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine continues to present persistent challenges to the scientific community. Access to the archives, which has been strained for years, is now drastically deteriorating again, while some of Ukrainian collections were irretrievably destroyed. Many research projects had to be redesigned as a result of war. Often, however, a lack of experience and rudimentary overview of what alternatives are available can prove to be particularly daunting for young researchers. To address these critical issues, we are delighted to host a webinar featuring two esteemed guests from the East European Department of the Bavarian State Library. Their invaluable expertise will provide deep insights into essential services for German research, navigating the complexities of accessing archival sources in Russia and Belarus, and optimizing the utilization of research data.


Dr. Gudrun Wirtz is the Head of the East European Department at the Bavarian State Library. She completed her studies in Slavic and Romance Studies in Freiburg, Bonn, and Zagreb, and earned her doctorate from the University of Bonn. Since 2016, Dr. Wirtz has been supervising the Specialized Information Service for East, Central, and Southeast European Studies program, funded by the German Research Foundation.

Dr. Arnost Stanzel has been an integral part of the East European Department at the Bavarian State Library since 2016, where he plays a pivotal role in curating the Research Data Service for Research in Eastern, Eastern-Central, and South-Eastern Europe (OstData). He holds a PhD from the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. Dr. Stanzel's expertise extends to the field of environmental history in Eastern Europe, as evidenced by the publication of his monograph titled "Wasserräume und Wasserträume im Staatssozialismus. Ein umwelthistorischer Vergleich anhand der tschechoslowakischen und rumänischen Wasserwirtschaft 1949–1989" in 2017 by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. 

The webinar is organized by Ruslana Bovhyria. Please note that the webinar will take place online on Webex. We kindly ask for prior registration via ruslana.bovhyria@fu-berlin.de. Upon registration, you will receive the invitation link to access the webinar.