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15 лет Октября: Радиовещание в СССР / Электронный каталог "Марки Страны Советов"

15 лет Октября: Радиовещание в СССР / Электронный каталог "Марки Страны Советов"

Berlin Colloquium on the History of Eastern Europe

A joint event of the Chair for the History of Eastern Europe at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Department of History at the Institute for Eastern European Studies at the Free University of Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Daly & Prof. Dr. Robert Kindler

Time: Wednesday 6 pm c.t.

All events take place online via zoom. Unless otherwise noted, the following link applies to all dates: https://hu-berlin.zoom.us/j/68274636978 

Contact: jonathan.daly@hu-berlin.de & robert.kindler@fu-berlin.de

20.4. Der Krieg in der Ukraine – und die Geschichtswissenschaft? Hannes Grandits und Jörg Baberowski im Gespräch. Moderation: Matthias Pohlig (Veranstaltung des Instituts für Geschichtswissenschaften an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). Attention: Different zoom link. 

27.4. Lisa Kirschenbaum (West Chester U): Lighthearted Ethnographers: Il'f and Petrov's Journey through Russian America 

ZUSATZTERMIN Montag 2.5. „Krisen in autoritären Ordnungen“ – Buchpräsentation und Diskussion mit Jörg Baberowski, Genia Kostka, Alexander Libman und Stefan Rinke. Moderation: Martin Wagner

Attention: A different link applies to this event: https://hu-berlin.zoom.us/j/61926949509 

4.5. Marina Mogilner (U of Illinois Chicago): Lev Iakovlevich Shternberg (1861–1927). The political science of Jewish race 

11.5. Agnieszka Zagańczyk-Neufeld (Bochum): Sekten in Russland 1800-1917. Eine Sozialgeschichte der Glaubensfreiheit

18.5. Sandra Pujals (University of Puerto Rico): A Soviet Caribbean. International Communism in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, 1919-1943

25.5. Tobias Rupprecht, Alice Trinkle, Kevin Axe (FU Berlin/Scripts): Peripheral Liberalism. Market Economists and Globalization in the Soviet Union/Russia and China

1.6. Ahmet T. Kuru (San Diego State U): The Ulema-State Alliance. A Barrier to Democracy and Development in the Muslim World

8.6. Alexandra Oberländer (MPIB Berlin): Feeling Productive as a Way of Feeling Soviet

15.6. Juliane Fürst (ZZF Potsdam): Soviet Hippies and their Pacifism

22.6. Tim Buchen (TU Dresden): Landnahme. Ansiedlung, Enteignung und Gewalt im östlichen Europa, 1880-1945

29.6. Theocharis Grigoriadis (FU Berlin): Russian Intelligence. The Political Economy of Espionage in Imperial Russia & the World (Buchpräsentation)

6.7. Katerina Lykoudi (Sorbonne, Paris/DAAD-Fellowship Berlin): Crimean Tatars as Enemies of the State? Evidence from Ukrainian Archives 

13.7. canceled due to the farewell lecture of Prof. Aloys Winterling (Senatssaal HU Berlin)

20.7. Sierra Christine Nota (Stanford University): Forefathers of Yanukovych. The Soviet Dachas and Nazi ‘Parteivillen' of Ukraine, 1934-1952

In the run-up to most dates, texts will be sent out to serve as a basis for discussion. If you should be interested in the texts, please contact fabian.thunemann@hu-berlin.de

Colloquium schedule (PDF)


Joint Colloquium with the Department of Culture of the OEI

The colloquium is aimed at master's students and serves to discuss their exam papers. The event will not take place in fixed weekly sessions, but on blocked dates. The exact times of the block dates will be decided together with all participants at the first colloquium meeting on 21.04.2022 (16h).

The agreed meetings will take place on Thursdays between 4 and 8 pm at the Osteuropa-Institut (Garystr. 55) in presence.

If you have any questions, please contact robert.kindler@fu-berlin.de