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Dipl.-Foto-Des., M.A. Petra Pistor

Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement, FH Münster

Petra Pistor

Petra Pistor
Image Credit: private photo

Petra Pistor works at the Wandelwerk, the Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement at FH Münster – University of Applied Sciences in Germany. She is involved in various tasks within the internal quality assurance system of FH Münster, which in 2017 was the first university in Germany to receive the accreditation seal for its internal QA system for the second time.

Petra has designed, managed and otherwise contributed to a variety of projects and activities in the field of higher education supported by DAAD, UNESCO, EU, GIZ, British Council etc. She coordinates FH Münster’s Higher Education Management Programme (HEM Programme), an international consultancy and training programme for actors in higher education, where she also acts as a trainer. Currently, her activities are focussed on a variety of partnerships mostly in Africa and Central Asia. As one of these activities, Petra is currently coordinating the THEA Ukraine project, a training course for university administrators from Ukraine in internationalisation and science management.

Before joining the Wandelwerk, Petra has worked at University of Duisburg-Essen as a Quality Manager for 13 years - among other things, as Deputy Managing Director at the Centre for Higher Education Development and Quality Assurance (CHEDQE). She holds a degree in German Studies, English Studies and Educational Studies, which she has obtained in 2005 and a Diploma in Photography Design from 2015.