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“Bread, satisfaction and human dignity”: Activity of the ORT in Berlin, 1920/30s

  Alexander Ivanov, Center “Petersburg Judaica”, European University St. Petersburg

The Society for Distribution of Artisan and Agricultural Work among the Jews in Russia (in short – ORT), founded at St. Petersburg in 1880, was an important center of political and cultural life of the Russian-Jewish community in Berlin in the 1920s – 30s.

The German branch of the ORT was established in Charlottenburg in January 1921 and seven months later there was created the ORT Union which united local committees of the society continuing their activities in Eastern Europe with the newly organized ORT branches in Western Europe and in the USA.

On the base of an archival survey carried out in depositories and libraries of Russia, London and Berlin it is intended to analyze in a broad historical perspective the political and social aspects of the ORT philanthropic activities during the pre-World War II period.

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