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Theocharis Grigoriadis, C.Sc., Ph.D

Program director | Dean of studies at the Institute for East European Studies

Theocharis Grigoriadis is a graduate of the University of Athens, Yale University, Saint Petersburg State University and the University of California, Berkeley. As Professor of Economics at the Institute of East European Studies he concentrates in economics of religion and culture, political economy, and economic development. His research provides an analytical ground for the identification of mechanisms through which religion shapes political regimes, perceptions of centralization and the provision of public goods. Moreover, he maintains a strong interest in foreign aid effectiveness and its institutions.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Libman

Program director | OEI - Chair of Politics

Alexander Libman is since October 2020 Professor of Russian and East European Politics at the Free University of Berlin. Prior to that, he was Professor of Social Sciences and East European Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (2016-2020), Associate at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (2014-2016) and Assistant Professor of International Political Economy at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (2009-2014). He obtained his PhD degree at the University of Mannheim in 2009.

Oleg Pichkov

Program director | Dean of the School of International Economic Relations an der MGIMO

Oleg Pichkov holds a Ph.D. in Economics from MGIMO and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 2015 he has been Dean of the School of International Economic Relations at MGIMO. His research interests include International Economic Relations, Economic History, Energy Economics and Digital Transformation of the Economy.

Niovi Zampouka

Program coordinator

Niovi Zampouka holds a Ph.D. in Slavic Studies from Humboldt University of Berlin. Since 2020 sie has been a research associate (post-doc) at the Cluster of Excellence 2020 "Temporal Communities: Doing Literature in a Global Perspective" at the FU Berlin. Her research interests include Greek-Russian literary relations, Soviet multinationality, world literature studies, postcolonialism, translation and translingualism.

Anna Tsibulina

Associate Professor | Department of Integration Studies | MGIMO

Anna Tsibulina holds a Ph.D in Economics. Since 2007 she works as a lecturer in the Department of Integration Studies at the MGIMO-University. She also holds a position as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She is an expert of the Russian International Affairs Council. Her research interests include the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU, the European Central Bank, the European monetary integration, the European Single Market, the Eurasian economic integration, the economic development of the EU and global economic governance.

Shahrzad Shahmohammadi

Tutor in Economics

Shahrzad Shahmohammadi earned her M. Sc. in Economics from University of Tehran. She is currently completing a doctorate in Economics at FUB under supervision of Prof. Theocharis Grigoriadis. Her dissertation with the title “Essays in Political Economics” focuses on economics of religion, development and history of Iran and compares it to the history of Eastern Europe.

Nikita Gerasimov

Tutor in Politics

Nikita Gerasimov studied Interdisciplinary Russian Studies (B.A.) at the University of Potsdam and the German-Russian Double Master International Relations (M.A.) at the Free University of Berlin, the Humboldt University of Berlin, and the University of Potsdam in cooperation with the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO). He has been tutor for the RDWP since 2017.