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Doctoral Workshop "Populist Mobilization, Globalization and Locality in East and West"

07.04.2022 - 08.04.2022
Higher School of Economics

The joint HSE University – Freie Universität Berlin Doctoral Workshop aims to explore the connections between populism / populist mobilization and hybrid trends such as conservative politics and discourses, neo-liberal interventions, (de-)globalization and reterritorialization. We also want to examine how the particularities of different modernization paths have shaped specific conditions under which populist mobilization and politics emerge today in former Socialist countries as well as in established democratic societies.

We will address three main dimensions of the rise of populism and its connection with broader trends such as (de-)globalization and new conservatism: 1) managing diversity and place-based / transnational identities, 2) socio-economic development and 3) electoral politics and authoritarianism. By analyzing how these three dimensions interact, we want to go beyond a more conventional focus on state / elite discourses or “top-down” populist and conservative politics to unveil a more complex and multifaceted picture of the factors that inform populist mobilization and contestation in the post-socialist context.

More information on the workshop can be found here.

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