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Issue 2: From Comrades to Classmates. Social Networks on the Russian Internet

News vom 17.12.2009

The editors are pleased to announce the online publication of issue 2 of Digital Icons, 'From Comrades to Classmates: Social Networks on the Russian Internet.'

Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media was previously known as The Russian Cyberspace Journal. The journal changed its title in 2009 to reflect a widened geographic scope and the journal’s increasingly complex media orientation.

One of the main aims of the issue is to examine the structure, taxonomy, function, and significance of social networks on the Russian Internet. The contributors address a number of issues, including the role these new web-based forms of socializing play in contemporary Russia, particularly given the paradoxical stereotypes of Russian society as collectivistic on the one hand, and amorphous and apathetic on the other. The authors aim to investigate whether social networking in Russia represents a cultural form specific to post-Soviet Russia, or whether it is only an unreconstructed and  uncritical adaptation of “Western” net practices. Finally, as a separate issue, the contributors determine the role of social networks in maintaining Russia’s regional integrity by binding together the widely dispersed Russian-speaking diaspora.



2.0 Editorial - Vlad Strukov

2.1 Social Networking on RuNet - Karina Alexanyan

2.2 Examining Political Group Membership on LiveJournal - Heather MacLeod

2.3 Psychoanalytical Aspects of Self-Representation in Blogs - Lidia Mikheeva

2.4 Tatar Groups in Vkontakte - Dilyara Suleymanova

2.5 Social Media and Ukrainian Presidential Elections - Tetiana Katsbert

2.6 The Online Library and the Classic Literary Canon in Post-Soviet  Russia - Kåre Johan Mjør

2.7 Social Networks in an Un-Networked Society - Dmitry Golynko-Volfson

2.8 Reviews: Books, Digital Films, Animation, and Computer games

The full issue is available for download on the Digital Icons website. For more information, please visit the website or write to the editors: editorATdigitalicons.org

Best regards, The Digital Icons Editorial Team:

Sudha Rajagopalan (Utrecht)
Ellen Rutten (Amsterdam)
Robert Saunders (New York)
Henrike Schmidt (Berlin)
Vlad Strukov (London)