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Double Degree Programme with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow

Higher School of Economics

The double degree program with HSE Moscow has been put on hold for the time being.

The Higher School of Economics (HSE Moscow) and the Freie Universität Berlin established a MA Double Degree on the basis of the two existing MA programs Comparative Social Research (HSE) and Osteuropastudien (East European Studies; OEI at FU Berlin). The Double Degree Program starts in September, 2019.

Upon graduation the students receive a double degree and two certificates: Master of Arts in Sociology from HSE and Master of Arts in East European Studies from the Freie Universität Berlin.

Students of the Master's program (major in Sociology) have the opportunity to qualify for a double Master's program starting in the respective winter semester, which is conducted by the Department of Sociology of the Institute for Eastern European Studies together with the Department of Sociology of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow (HSE).

Students of the OEI are exempt from any tuition fees payable at the HSE.

A joint selection committee of the two partner universities decides on the admission of applicants to the Double Master Programme. Applications for the Double Master Programme are submitted during the first week of the semester break after the first semester of the Master's programme.

Study Structure

The program consists of a study course equivalent to 120 ECTS accomplishable in a period of four semesters. A minimum of 30 ECTS is to be accomplished at the partner university. The program is structured the following way:

  • Students spend the 1st and 2nd semester at their home university; they are entitled to apply for the Double Degree by the end of the 1st semester (the earliest)
  • Students that opted for the Double Degree spend the 3rd semester at the partner university. During this period the study regulations of the partner university apply.
  • The students can choose whether they would like to spend the 4th semester at the partner university or at their home institution.

FU OES Students participating in the Double Degree program have to plan-in the defense of their thesis in accordance with HSE requirements.