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Information for potential students

On the following pages you will find in-depth information about the master program East European Studies at Freie Universität Berlin's Institute for East European Studies. You have the possibility to use the FU's Orientation Selection Assistant (OSA). In this interactive tool you can learn more about the basic structure of the program and find out to what extent the program fits your personal wishes and strengths. Furthermore, you will learn everything you need to know about the admission procedures for the M.A. East European Studies.

Should any questions remain unanswered, please contact our master coordinator Sabine Pag.

M.A. East European Studies

The master program is modularized and consists of modules that are completed in different areas: a basic area, an interdisciplinary area, and a disciplinary structured area. In addition, there is a language module and a professional internship.

In accordance with the multidisciplinary nature of the Institute for East European Studies, modules can be chosen from history, culture, politics, sociology and economics. Each area offers a balanced spectrum of courses and topic-specific seminars within its modules. At the beginning of the second semester, the choice of the first disciplinary module determines the profile area.

The acquisition and deepening of language skills in one or more East European languages as well as an eight-week internship related to Eastern Europe are integrative components of the program, which are organized by the student at appropriate institutions.

The master thesis completes the program.