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Direct Exchange

The programs with Russia are currently suspended due to the discontinued scientific cooperation with Russia.

The Institute for Eastern European Studies maintains several direct exchange programmes with partner universities in Eastern Europe. Direct exchange means that places are exchanged with renowned partner universities on a reciprocal basis. This gives the students of the Osteuropa-Institut the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters and to gain intercultural experience. The acquisition of credit points at the partner university is required as part of the direct exchange.

Advantages of direct exchange

  • Preferred admission to the partner university
  • (Partial) waiver of tuition fees
  • Some partner universities offer an additional scholarship to earn a living
  • Support of direct exchange students before and during their stay abroad by the home university and the host university abroad

IMPORTANT: New rules for students going to Russia

Starting from 29 December 2021, international students staying in Russia for more than 90 consecutive days must undergo a medical examination and submit fingerprints and biometric photographs within 90 days upon arrival in Moscow. The total cost to the students of these procedures is 60-74 Euros. If the international student leaves Russia before the expiration of their 90 days stay (for seasonal holidays, for instance) and then comes back for the rest of their stay (for less than 90 days), undergoing this procedure is no longer needed.

Partner universities