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Vladimir Dulović


University of Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro)

Department of National and World History

Vladimir Dulović

Case Study: Montenegro







Research Proposal



Vladimir graduated from the Department of National and World History at the University of Belgrade in 2005. In 2004 he founded and since then has been working as an Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house Komshe Ltd. The house has published several award-winning tourist guides, such as “Serbia in Your Hands” (published in English, German, Italian and Serbian), “Beogradska tvrdjava na dlanu” and “Belgrade in Your Hands” (in English and German). For this project Vladimir will explore how the national symbols (the so-called “national paraphernalia”) in communist period emerged and what they meant to the political elite of Montenegro. The objective of this inquiry would be to assess the impact of symbols on creating the new nation, their relevance in perceiving self-identity in Montenegro and the scope of implications that appeared in post-communist era in light of present-day identity crisis and national disintegration.