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Čarna Brković


University of Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro)

Faculty of Philosophy

Junior Researcher

Case Study: Montenegro







Research Proposal



Čarna is in the final year of her studies in Ethnology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University. In 2003-04 she was involved in a fieldwork project on the link between socialism and social memory „Life in Socialism.” She is editor-in-chief of a magazine of anthropology students entitled the POST. For our project Čarna will explore the discourse of national identity that led to independence of Montenegro, which is not a coherent, omnipresent and without problems, but rather ambiguous, strongly opposed and still struggling with other narratives and feelings of belonging. She would like to interview families in Podgorica, Tivat and Kolašin, in order to understand how they felt the processes of national construction during decades and which differences were generated by this process in the socialist and post-socialist period respectively.