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Admir Mulaosmanović


Institute of History in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Hercegovina)

Junior Researcher

Case Study: Bosnia and Hercegovina








Research Proposal



Admir received his B.A. in History from the University of Srajevo and an M.A in studies of modern history from the University in Zagreb. Since September 2006 Admir has been working at the Institute of History in Sarajevo. For this project he will explore the migration patterns of the Bosniaks of the Bihaćka Krajina in the period 1971-2005 and the relation between local and national identities. The area where Admir will conduct his research has a very distinct local identity and stretches between Bihać, Cazin, Bosanska Krupa and Velika Kladuša. The main goal of Amdir’s research will be to identify the elements that have constructed the identity of the population in this region.