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Iva Lučić


Uppsala University (Sweden)

Junior Researcher

Case Study: Bosnia and Hercegovina








Research Proposal



Iva has a B.A in History from the Department of History at the Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg where she explored history of mentalities and Bosnian historiography, especially how they relate to nation-building process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2005 she has been enrolled as an M.A. student at the Uppsala University in Sweden in a special program entitled "Roads to Democrac(ies". In our team Iva will examine and compare the discourse of the Bosniak nation-building process and its dynamics during the late 1960s/early 1970s and 1990s. Her analysis will focus on the interaction of two levels of nation building in everyday life: the officially promoted concepts and presentations of  Bosniak national identity in the media, and the individual experience of national identity in everyday life.