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Husnija Kamberović


Institute of History in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Hercegovina)

Team Leader

Case Study: Bosnia and Hercegovina

Alipasina 9
71000 Sarajevo (Bosna i Hercegovina)






Research Proposal



Husnija Kamberović  is a director of the Institute for History in Sarajevo and a senior lecture at the Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. Born in Gradacac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dr. Kamberović completed his BA at the Faculty of Philosophy – Department of History – in Sarajevo in 1987. In 1989 he continued his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. In 1991 defended his MA thesis on Bosnian history after WWII. Dr. Kamberović defended his doctoral thesis "Land in Bosnia and Hercegovina Owned by Bays in the Period 1878-1918" at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb on 2001.