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Rozita Dimova


Free University Berlin

Institute for East-European Studies

Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Garystr. 55
14195 Berlin (Germany)
+49 (030) 838-54036




List of Publications

Research Proposal



Rozita Dimova's work has engaged a broad range of theoretical and ethnographic issues. A central concern however running through her projects has addressed the questions of ethnic and national identites, class, gender, consumption/commodities, refugees, the state and the neo-liberal forms of governence in South-eastern Europe and in the West.

Rozita’s forthcoming book is based on her Ph.D. dissertation (Stanford University, 2004) and is tentatively titled "Lost Possessions: Ethnic Conflict, Consumption and Gender in Macedonia". It delineates the local and transnational processes that led to ethnic conflict, highlighting the rearticulation of class, ethnicity, and gender.

As a postodctoral research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (2003-2006), Rozita has started a project based on field research among Bosnian refugees and Diaspora in Germany and the US.  The project compares imagination of homeland and experiences of Bosnians who have settled in Berlin with the experiences of Bosnians who had to resettle in the US, and with those who had to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Bosnian war (1991-1995). This research is of critical significance for providing better understanding of the interface between governmental and international legal decisions regulating refugees and displaced people and how the people themselves struggle, deal or subvert the rules imposed on them.

Her position as a coordinator of the project Ambiguous Identities and Nation-state building in Southeastern Europe, led by the Free University of Berlin, Institute for Eastern European Studies, is to supervise and coordinate  the teamwork of senior and junior researchers. Rozita's individual research project will be on arts and politcs in Macedonia and Bosnia-Hercegovina from 1945 onwards.