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The Intellectuals’ Articulation of the Muslim Identity

Iva Lučić – 2009

In this paper I analyze the production of national narratives by intellectuals during 1960s and 1970s in socialist Yugoslavia and the Diaspora. Special attention is given on the historiography, which provided the most fruitful space for endowing the Bosnian Muslim national category with a national past. The sources for this paper consist of unpublished archival material as well as published monographs, journal articles as well as short articles in daily newspapers. By looking at individual intellectuals and their works the purpose is to show the role of intellectuals in the creation, circulation, and contestation of national culture and to capture the variety of intellectual work involved in nation-building. It appears that there were centrifugal competing practices of narrating the past, which resulted in a pluralism of thought. The integration of the Diaspora shows the construction of different national concepts, which were to mark Muslim distinctiveness. Depending on the construction of the (national) past differing national spaces were imagined and propagated.

The Intellectuals’ Articulation of the Muslim Identity
Research Project: New and Ambiguous Nation-building Processes in South-eastern Europe