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General Reading

Readings on Anthropology

  • Clifford, James (1998): The Predicament of Culture. Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art. Cambridge (Massachusetts), Harvard Univ. Press, pp. 2-17. (pdf, 2 MB)
  • Comaroff, John (1996): Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Politics of Difference in an Age of Revolution. In: MacAllister & Wilmsen (eds.): The Politics of Difference: Ethnic Premises in a World of Power. University of Chicago Press, pp. 162-183. (pdf, 2,9 MB)
  • Hall, Stuart (1991): Old and New Identities, Old and New Ethnicities. In: King, Anthony D. (ed.), Culture, Globalization and the World System. London, Sage, pp. 41-68.  (pdf, 3,5 MB)
  • Verdery, Katharine (1996): Whither 'Nation' and 'Nationalism'? In: Balakrishnan (ed.): Mapping the Nation. London, Verso, pp. 226-234. (pdf, 1,2 MB)
  • Kalb, Don; Marks, Hans; Tak, Herman (eds.) (1996): Historical Anthropology: The Unwaged Debate. In: Focaal.  "Focaal. Tijdschrift voor Antropologie" No. 26/27, Nijmwegen, pp. 61-65.  (pdf, 390 kB)
  • Löfgren, Orvar (1989): "The Nationalization of Culture", Ethnologia Europaea, XIX, 5-23. (pdf, 13 MB)
  • Sugar, Peter (1995): Eastern European Nationalism in the Twentieth Century, Washingtn D.C., American University Press. (pdf, 2,6 MB)

Readings on Soviet Union

  • Hirsch, Francine (1997): The Soviet Union as a Work-in-Progress: Ethnographers and the Category Nationality in the 1926, 1937, and 1939 Censuses, in: Slavic Review, Vol. 56, No. 2, pp. 251-278. (pdf, 3,3 MB) 
  • Martin, Terry (2001): An Affirmative Action Empire: The Soviet Union as the Highest Form of Imperialism. In: R. G. Suny/T. Martin: A State of Nations, Oxford University Press. pp. 67-90. (pdf, 2,4 MB)
  • Slezkine, Yuri (1994): The USSR as a Communal Apartment, Or How a Socialist State Promoted Ethnic Particularism, in: Slavic Review 53, No. 2, pp. 414-452. (pdf, 4,6 MB)

Readings on Yugoslavia

  • Patter son, Patrick Hyder (2003): An Everyday for Everyman (and Everywoman, Too): Consumer Culture, the New "New Class" and the Making of the Yugoslav Dream, 1950-1965. Presented at the conference "Everyday Socialism: States and Social Transformation in Eastern Europe 1945-1965", The Open University Conference Centre, London. (pdf, 2,6 MB)
  • Zukin, Sharon (1975): Beyond Marx and Tito: Theory and Practice in Yugslav Socialism. Cambridge University Press, New York, pp. 116-152. (pdf, 2,9 MB)

Research Methods

  • Akeroyd, Anne (1984):  Ethics in Relation to Informants, the Profession and Governments. In: Ellen (ed.): Ethnographic Research: A Guide to General Conduct. Academic Press, London , pp. 133-154. (pdf, 2,4 MB)
  • Ellen, R. F. (1984): Reaching and Recording Data. In: Ellen (ed.): Ethnographic Research: A Guide to General Conduct. Academic Press, London , pp. 36-45. (pdf, 1 MB)
  • Ferguson, James and Gupta, Akhil (1997): Discipline and Practice: ‘The Field’ as Site, Method, and Location in Anthropology. In: Akhil Gupta and James Ferguson (eds.) Anthropological Locations: Boundaries and Grounds of a Field Science. Berkeley, University of California Press, pp. 1-29. (pdf, 2,5 MB)
  • Wolcott, Harry F. (1995): The Art of Fieldwork. Walnut Creek, Altamira Press, pp. 86-121. (pdf, 3,9 MB)

Sample Proposals

  • Gendered Islamism: Women's Participation in Egyptian Politico-Religious Debate (pdf, 3,8 MB)
  • Sample Proposal by Mankekar/Dimova (pdf, 83 kB)
  • The Gay Archipelago: Translocal Identity in Indonesia (pdf, 2,9 MB)
  • Tradition, Community, and the Global Market: Redefining Development and Ethnicity in Totonicapan, Guatemala (pdf, 4 MB)