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7. National Holidays and Symbols

7.1 National Holidays

  • July 13: Dan državnosti (Day of state): it commemorated the anti-fascist rebellion on July 13, 1941, as well as the peace treaty of Berlin, concluded on July 13, 1878, when Montenegro was recognized as a sovereign state. Until 2006, July 13 celebrations were only in honor of the Montenegrin anti-fascist uprising.
  • May 21, Dan nezavisnosti (Day of Independence): day of the referendum in 2006, when a majority of the electorate voted for independence, thus restoring Montenegrin independence.

7.2 National Emblems

The Government of Montenegro established the new national flag July 12, 2004. The design of the flag is based on a historical flag from the period of the Montenegrin Crnojevići dynasty of the 15th century. The coat of arms was installed at the same time. It shows the former coat of arm of king Nikola, the last ruler of independent Montenegro before it was joined with the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes after World War One. The national anthem is “Oj, svijetla maska zoro” (“Oh, you bright dawn in May”), declared official anthem in 2005. Its music is based on a popular Montenegrin folk song and its lyrics were composed by Sekula Drljević in 1937.

Montenegrin national flag

Coat of Arms of Montenegro