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8. Finalized (Achieved) or Pending Membership to Main International Organizations

  • Community of Independent States (CIS) – member since 1991
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) – member since 30 January 1992
  • United Nations Organization (UNO) – member since 2 March 1992
  • Council of Europe – member since 1995
  • GUUAM (Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) – member since 1996
  • World Trade Organization – member since 2001
  • The Bologna Education Treaty – ratification of the Treaty in 2005

The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Moldova and the European Union cameinto force in 1998 (for an initial period of ten years). Moldova is also a beneficiary of the European Neighborhood Policy of the EU.

Relations with NATO: The president of the Republic of Moldova signed the NATO Partnership for Peace framework document in 1994.