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9. Main NGOs

Open Society Institute – Macedonia

Established in 1992, the Open Society Institute – Macedonia (FOSIM) was originally founded as the representative office of a foreign legal person, and in 1999 eventually became a national legal person (foundation) in accordance with the Law on Associations of Citizens and Foundations. FOSIM is part of the Soros network in Central and Eastern Europe. Its mission is to support the internal integration of Macedonian society as a prerequisite for EU membership and the facilitation of an open society and strong civil society. FOSIM supports and implements a wide spectrum of programs.

Internet: http://www.soros.org.mk

Euro Balkan

The “Euro Balkan” Institute was founded in 1999, together with the Research Centre in Gender Studies was also established. Its mission is focused on the dissemination and implementation of the ideas and policies of the European Union, and to promote trans-Atlantic co-operation. One of the central goals of Euro Balkan is the development and prosperity of Macedonia as well as the international exchange of ideas. This institution supports the idea of regional integration and propagates “European” identity, culture and values in the Balkans.

Internet: http://www.euba.org.mk/eng/index.asp

Macedonian P.E.N. 

The Macedonian P.E.N. Center has a prominent place among the non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Macedonia. Founded in 1962 as part of the Yugoslav Association of P.E.N. Clubs, it became independent in July 1967 on the Oslo Congress of the P.E.N. and acquired separate voting rights in the International P.E.N.

Internet: http://www.pen.org.mk

First Children's Embassy

The First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjaši (FCEWM), Republic of Macedonia, was founded in Skopje on April 29, 1992.

Internet: http://www.medzasi.org.mk

NGO Info-Center

The NGO Info-center is the public relations agency for the Macedonian civil society sector. It provides PR expertise to all civil society organizations, as well as all interested clients in the business sector. it also provides training in the field of public relations.

Internet: http://www.nvoinfocentar.org.mk/default.asp?lang=eng