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7. State Symbols

7.1 National Holidays

August 2: Day of the Ilinden Uprising. Since the early 1970s, large-scale festivities attended also by the leading politicians of the country are held every year in the town of Kruševo to commemorate the “Ten Days of the Kruševo republic” (in Kruševo, the insurgents of 1903 achieved to liberate the town from the Ottomans for a few days, proclaiming it a republic).

  • September 8: Independence Day
  • October 11: People’s Uprising Against Fascism
  • October 23: Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle

Two religious holidays are also very important from a national point of few, being connected with the preeminent medieval scholars and clergymen in Macedonia: May 24, the day of Sv. Kliment and Metod (Saints Cyril and Methodius), and December 8, the day of Sv. Kliment of Ohrid.

7.2 Macedonian Coat of Arms

The first coat of arms of socialist Macedonia was established by the Act on the Coat of Arms of the People’s Republic of Macedonia, adopted by the People’s Assembly of the People’s Republic of Macedonia on its second extraordinary session held on July 27, 1946. It was later changed by Article 8 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, and is still in use in the independent state. The coat of arms represents, according to the constitution “the richness of our country, the struggle and the freedom”.

7.3 Macedonian Flag

The current flag was adopted on October, 1995. It shows a rectangular red field with a golden sun in the middle, with eight rays thickening towards their end. Previous to this flag, independent Macedonia had used a similar looking flag with a 12-rays sun, which had been found on the grave of the ancient Macedonian ruler Philip II (the “Sun of Vergina”). However, the use of this symbol was fiercely challenged by Greece, who considers the ancient Macedonians part of their own national patrimony. After heavy pressure by Greece on Macedonia, the Macedonian republic eventually adopted the new flag, which was not contested by Greece.

Current Macedonian flag (adopted 1995) 

Contested flag, 1991- 95

Coat of Arms

7.4 National Anthem

The national anthem of Macedonia, “Denes nad Makedonija” (“Today Above Macedonia”) was composed in 1943 or 1944 by Vlado Maleski, a poet from Struga. It was adopted as the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia in 1991, after it had been in use as anthem only for few months after World War II.