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9. Main NGOs involved in nation-building

Aside from state driven efforts to consolidate the national identity of the Bosniaks, several non-governmental organizations also play an important role in this process, though not necessarily as stated purpose of their work. The most influential ones are:

Međunarodni forum Bosna (International Forum Bosna)

Helsinški komitet za ljudska prava u Bosni i Hercegovini (Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegowina)

Udruženje građana Selam (Citizens’ Association Selam)

  • Founded in 1999 in Zenica
  • It publishes the journal Novi horizonti (“The New Horizons”) for scientific, cultural and spiritual affirmation.

Muslimansko žensko udruženje Kewser (Muslim Women’s Association Kewser)

  • which publishes the Zehra family journal.

Udruženje žena muslimanki Sumejja (Muslim Women’s Association Sumejja)

  • Founded in 1993
  • It published the women’s journal Sumejja.
  • The branch in Sarajevo was discontinued but the one Tuzla is still active.

Udruženje Mladi Muslimani (The Young Muslims Association)

  • Founded in 1939 in Sarajevo with the purpose to facilitate the political and religious affirmation of Bosnia’s Muslims. It was suppressed by the Communists and renewed in 1990.
  • Internet: http://www.mm.co.ba