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7. State Symbols

State holiday, national flag and coats of arms are uniform in the whole country, on paper at least as Croats and Serbs often boast the national symbols of their kin-states.

7.1 State Holiday

The official state holidays are Independence Day – March 1, and Sovereignty Day – November 25.

7.2 National Flag

From 1945 until 1992, the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina was of a red-colored rectangular shape. In the upper left corner was a small Yugoslav blue-white-red-colored flag with a red star in the middle. Since 1998 the official flag is a blue-colored rectangle. On the right side from the center there is a yellow triangular. Parallel with the left side of the triangular, from the upper edge of the flag to the lower one, spreads a row of white five-pointed stars.

The Bosniaks still use the fleur de lys flag (which was used 1992 until 1998 but has no official recognition any more), the Croatians consider as their national flag the one in use in Croatia, and the Serbs use the national flag of Serbia.


Official national flag     Coats of Arms of BiH Flag of the medieval Bosnian state

7.3 National Anthem

The current national anthem, “Intermeco” was adopted in 1998 and has no lyrics, as the three the political parties could not find a common decision. The previous national anthem, "Jedna si Jedina" (1992—1998) was considered by Serbs and Croats to be too closely associated with the Bosniak community, hence the decision to take a new one.