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3. Institutionalization and Representation of Folk (or Popular) Culture

Institut za proučavanje folklora (Institute for FolkloreStudies) in Sarajevo

Founded in 1946 at the Country Museum (Zemaljski muzej) in Sarajevo. It was discontinued in 1958, and its staff moved to the Ethnographic Department at the Country Museum.

The tasks were:

  • to write down, collect and process folk work: songs, laments, tales, soothsaying, riddles and proverbs, musical and dance folklore, folk costume, embroidery, carpets and other artistic fabrics, woodcut, pottery and other homemade items 
  • It published the journal Bilten Instituta za proučavanje folklora (“The Bulletin of the Institute for Folklore Studies”), of which, however, only three issues were published (1951, 1952, 1953).       

Zemaljski muzej Bosne i Hercegovine (National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina) in Sarajevo

Was established in 1888.
Internet: http://www.zemaljskimuzej.ba

It is divided in three sections: Archeology, Ethnology and Natural Sciences. It publishes the magazine Glasnik (“The Herald”), which comes out in three sections: Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja za arheologiju (“The Herald of the Country Museum for Archeology”), Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja za etnologiju (“The Herald of the Country Museum for Ethnology”) and Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja za prirodne nauke (“The Herald for the Country Museum for Natural Sciences”).