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Final Conference 2009

Oct 14, 2009 - Oct 18, 2009




Final Project Conference in Chisinau 2009

  • New and Ambiguous Nation-building Processes in Southeastern Europe



Conference Program Chisinau 2009

Pictures of the Conference in Chisinau 2009




Wednesday, Oct. 14th.

Arrival day


Thursday, Oct. 15th.

09.00 – 09.30

 Holm Sundhaussen: Opening Lecture

 10.00 – 12.00 PANEL I: Struggles for Hegemony

Hannes Grandits:

 About ambivalences of the nation in socialist

societies: towards an analytical framework

Admir Mulaosmanović:

 Times of changes in Bosnian politics: from the

"Agrokomerc affair" in 1987 to the SDA preelection

rally in Velika Kladuša in 1990

Alla Shvets:

 Explaining economy in the project of regional

identity: a case study of Transnistria’s selfdetermination

 Discussant: Ulf Brunnbauer

13.30 – 13.50

 Keith Brown: Keynote Macedonia

14.30 – 17.00 PANEL II: Monuments and Memory

Gabriela Popa:

 (Re)producing spaces, deriving identities: symbolic

appropriation of Second World War monuments in

post-Soviet Moldova

Husnija Kamberović:

 Considerations about the historiography

arrangement of the Muslim/Bosniac nation in the

late 1960s and in the 1990s

Vladmir Dulović:

 Mt Lovćen and Njegoš between “Alexander’s

Chapel” and “Meštrović’s mausoleum”: symbolic

orientation and re-orientation of Montenegro in

socialist era

 Saša Nedeljković:

Memory and identity of Montenegrin migrants in Serbia

 Discussant: Jennifer Cash

 19.00 Reception at …


Friday, Oct. 16th.

9.00 – 9.20

 Srdja Pavlović: Keynote Montenegro

 10.00 – 12.30 PANEL III: Art and Popular Culture

Rozita Dimova:

 Nation-branding vs. nation-building: highlights from

South-eastern Europe

Lidija Vujačić:

 Music events in the function of promoting Montenegro

as (elite) tourist destination

Ivona Opetcheska-Tatarchevska:

 Dance culture and national identity in the Republic of


Čarna Brković:

 Contested spaces of cultural intimacy: NGO work in

state (and nation) building in Montenegro

 Discussant: Stef Jansen

14.00 –  14.20

 Wim van Meurs: Keynote Moldova

 15.00 – 17.30 PANEL IV: Intellectuals, Elites and Institutions

Ermis Lafazanovski:

 The role of K.P. Misirkov in Macedonian-Moldovan

national movements

Virgiliu Birladeanu:

 From Bessarabia to the Republic of Moldova.

Symbolic representations of space in the Moldovan

nation-building projects

Iva Lučić:

 Historians in service of the Nation. Constructions of

national narratives about Bosnian Muslims / Bosniaks

in 1960s and 1970s

Irena Stefoska:

 Nation, education and historiographic narratives: the

case of the SR Macedonia (1944—1990) 

Discussant: Robert Pichler


Saturday, Oct. 17th.

 10.00 – 10.20

Xavier Bougarel: Keynote Bosnia-Herzegovina

11.00 – 13.00 PANEL V: Symbols and Religion

 Ludmila Cojocari

Constructing a public image of the Republic of


Žarko Trajanoski

National” flags in the Republic of Macedonia

Dženita Sarać

Strengthening of religious identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1980s

Discussant: Rozita Dimova

13.00 – 13.30 Ulf Brunnbauer: Final review and summary
13.30 – 14.00 Final discussion


Time & Location

Oct 14, 2009 - Oct 18, 2009

Chisinau (Moldova)